MAKIT Challenge – Pop Can + Fast Food

MAKIT Challenge - PopCan + FastFood

MAKIT Challenge – PopCan + FastFood

MAKIT Challenge – What would you make with these two options?
I have put together a set of innovations/inventing cards and wanted to start publishing innovations challenges on a weekly basis. Here is the first in the series of post to work your brain for new ideas.

Let’s Get Started
I’ll go first, here’s what I came up with when I thought about this idea and muse.

  1. Pop Can Snacks – make a snack that fits in a pop can so you can eat them in your car. Sell them in sixpack holders just like soda pop. Keep them in your cupholder in your car for convenience.
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Remake – The New Story Revolution (Story Architectures)

Story Architectures

I came across this video in the book Talk Like TED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds by Carmine Gallo. It surprised me because it covered a lot of good material on story telling. The Kurt Vonnegut video on YouTube is referenced and I had to see it for myself.

Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories

From this video I made the following story architectures. Now I keep this with me when I need to tell a story. Each time I think up a new story I look at how I can apply the story to one of these story architectures.

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Patent Art You’ll Love! How to Make Your Own Custom Patent Wall Art

Snapseed - T A Edison - Electric-Lamp Patent ArtHow to Make Your Own Custom Patent Wall Art

I was reading an article on Fast Company about Breaking Bad inspired art works.

Next I explored the works on Oliver Gal Artist Company. They have really made some great artwork from patents.

These are great looking pieces of art based on the original patent artwork. It really got me thinking about how I could make some of my own patent drawings into wall art.

The next morning it came to me. I could try using SnapSeed to enhance the patent drawings. First I had to run a test so I went to Google Patent Search and saved a few patents of Thomas Edison’s famous patents.

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The New Antique Remake. Have you tried it yet?


I was looking around the web and came across this site while looking for dice games. They have some amazing items from the past.

Here is a great shop to find home and personal items to remake.

I could see Anthropology coming up with a ton of new products based on what is on this site!

Take a look it, do you agree?

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Finding that Million Dollar Idea Like a Shark

I was just reading this article, How Shark Tank’s Lori Greiner Spots a Million-Dollar Business Idea, and thought it had some great points.

Lori looks for the following in a million dollar idea:

Does it solve a problem?
Can you sell it at a reasonable price?
Is it appealing to the mass market?

I agree with these if you are looking for big ideas.

But you can have niche ideas that don’t need to meet these criteria.

What do you think? Post your comments below.

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TEST IDEAS FAST! The New 6 Step Idea Testing Method for Lean Product Development

Test Ideas Fast - Lean Product Development

Too Many Ideas, Too Little Time

Do you have a notebook full of ideas. Have you been an ideas hoarder?

I have.

But I want to change that…

I been inventing for sometime now. One thing I have not been good about is sharing my ideas.

Old School Idea Testing

I come for the old school days of keeping your ideas secret and not sharing them with anyone. Running off and getting a patent. Spent thousands of dollars and months of time. And then try to sell your idea to a company. I don’t even know if customers are going to be interested in the idea or not!

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REMAKE – 3 Simple Steps To Innovate With Amazon

REMAKE – 3 Simple Steps To Innovate With Amazon
Find Something That Works And Make It Better

When I first started innovating I thought everything had to be original. That is what most of us were taught in school, “don’t copy, do your own work!”

As I spent some time innovating, I learned copying was a far better way when you want to create best selling products.  Just to be clear, I don’t mean literally copying a product.  But using them as the basis for your new product ideas.  With best sellers you already know what customers have liked in the past and can build on that. So the next challenge was to come up with the products that we’re selling the best.

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Kidrobot Dunny for the Grammy’s


I was thinking of the Grammy’s tonight and thought I would work on a Dunny.






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Folding a Pocket Notebook – Pocket Mod

Making Your Own Pocket Notebooks

I really like using pocket notebooks or also know as pocket mods. The hard part for most people is folding them. I used to include the directions for how to fold them but this takes a whole page of paper, so I stopped including them.

I have included this video to make it much easier for everyone to fold their own pocket notebook.

Folding Your Pocket Notebook

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Fashion Accessory Big Ideas – Jibbitz

Fashion Design Lesson – Making Millions from Accessories

Like fashion? Want to make money off what you create? Design your own fashion accessories.

See how Jibbitz went from Idea to Product

How I Made My Millions – Jibbitz

How Jibbitz for Crocs began – short story.

The Story Behind Jibbitz

Here is the longer story on how Jibbitz started and developed into a million dollar business.

Jibbitz Business Setup

Jibbitz started with an idea. Gauged the market. Established a website. And road all the way to a successful business.

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